Hatha Yoga Training

200 hours Hatha Yoga Training for everyone,
who wants to feel the taste of authentic yoga,
to see his own power and beauty of inner being
15 January - 15 February
10:00 –17:00
Arambol, Goa, India
What is Hatha Yoga?
What is Hatha Yoga? "Ha" means Sun, and "tha" means Moon. These two parts also symbolize life force and consciousness. To feel fully alive and conscious people have to lead these opposites inside their bodies into one. Hatha Yoga offers a way to experience the integration of Sun and Moon along a path involving very specific practices that purify the body, calm the mind and open the heart.
Why we suffer?
Most people live with lack of integration with Body and Prana. We live in dualities, our body gets stressed and full of physical, mental and emotional blockages (knots). Hatha Yoga shows us the way to get rid of these knots.
Three purposes of Hatha Yoga
Total purification of the body
Total purification of the body
Balance between physical, mental and energetic body
Balance between physical, mental and energetic body
Awakening of pure consciousness through which our ultimate connects with divine
Awakening of pure consciousness through which our ultimate connects with divine
Who can take part in this training?
Everyone, regarding from the previous experience. All you need for training is open heart and the wish to make the beautiful travel inside

Training Program

15-20 January

Understanding of Yoga

15-20 January

20-25 January

Cleaning the body

26-30 January

Classical Haha Yoga Asanas

26-30 January

1-10 February


11-15 February


11-15 February

I. Understanding of Hatha Yoga

What means "Hatha", how to bring our energy from the low to the higher center, and how this understanding help us to live happier life.

II. Purification Practice (Shat Karma)

Six purification techniques is initial stage of Hatha Yoga Practice. They are designed to clean the body' three doshas (Vata Pitta Kapha), create harmony in the body, senses, mind and soul.

1. Brain cleansing – Kapalbhati
2. Eye cleansing – Tratka
3. Nasal cleansing – Neti
4. Stomach cleansing – Dhauti
5. Balancing Vata Pitta Kapha – Nauli
6. Colon cleansing – Basti

III. Hatha Yoga Postures

The postures (asanas) have a great potential to change the behavioral patterns of practitioner. It brings a progressive activation of internal body so that one penetrates through the outer body to inner one. Through the body and mind we excavate the hidden energy of one's very existence to search the source being and the Soul.

Elements of Asana Practice
– Instruction
– Adjustments
– Modification (variations)
– Therapeutic Approach
– Spiritual

IV. Pranayama

— Introduction of Prana
— Awakening of Prana
— Location of five Prana in the body and their functions
— Transforming and distribution of Prana
— Purifying and awakening the chakra tattwas (elements), nadis (meridian) and kundalini
— Entering to the Prana through classic breathing techniques
— Pratyhaara (withdraw senses and mind to the inside towards the soul)

V. Meditation

— Guided meditation
— Therapy meditation
— Classical meditation
— Panchmahabhuta sadhana
— Chakra meditation
— Oum meditation

What you will learn from the training?

Intense Yoga Training
Body Harmony
Praty Hara (Yoga Nidra)
Yogic Body Cleansing
True Yogic Lifestyle Experience
Yoga Philosophy
Internationally Recognized Certificate of Yoga Teachers Training course (200 hours)

Rajinder Singh
Yoga Master

"I got my invitation to yoga from my master in 1993, after spending almost three years with him. He involved me in daily and therapy sessions. He inspired me with authentic hatha yoga principles and traditional yoga philosophy. His understanding about suffering made him authentic master, who helps people to reach physical, emotional and spiritual harmony"

Aktualna oferta

GOA (Indie)
15 January - 15 February